Employee to Entrepreneur: Business Ideas

Your Own Business Ideas

You want to be self-employed but, how do you choose what your business will be about?

Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur is a proven way to create more flexibility and freedom in your life. You can manage your working hours independently and you can choose to focus on what you love doing.

Last but not least, you can finally ask to get paid what you are really worth.

Read further to learn where to look for online business ideas, cause it’s worth it!

Your relationships capital

Your biggest capital when looking for easy business ideas is your relationships capital. This consists of all the people you’ve known through the years, friends, family, coworkers, clients and vendors.

What are the skills that they value or need from you?

What are the things they will recommend you for? What problem did you solve for someone recently? For what advice people usually come to you?

Gathering this information will give you some ideas of the value you can offer as a paying service or product.

I have come to a business idea after talking to a friend who needed my help. I talk about it in this video I made for the Online Business for Freedom Facebook group.

The people around you become important for your future business. They will become your first customers or they will refer clients.

They will also give you advice, mentorship and lead you to learn things about yourself and the value you and your business can provide to the world.

How to become self-employed using your own skills and aptitudes

The second obvious place to look for ideas is to make an inventory of what you already know.

And that is understandable.

After all, you have been doing this for years which makes it easy to take it for granted.

Examine which skills and aptitudes you already possess. Think about it, you have gained your existing skills probably because someone else has seen value in them.

Your employer pays you to show up and do certain things, which means those skills have value on the market and you can center your business around them.

Certainly don’t forget to look at your hobbies. During the pandemics, many people driven by necessity or boredom have successfully turned their pastime into a moneymaker.

Get some home business ideas from these new, creative entrepreneurs being featured in the New York Times.

Source: NYT Eric and Izabella Warner make custom vinyl records in their basement

Find business ideas from anything you can commercialize easily

Another place to look for good, viable ideas is anything that you can commercialize easily. In other words, there is already a market and demand. There are even competitors and established pricing.

Instead of waiting for the brilliant idea to hit you and creating the market from scratch, all you need to do is test an existing idea. Here is a simple way to test your idea.

See if others are already doing it. For example, check out job descriptions on Linkedin or look for jobs that use your skills on Upwork or any other online platform where people sell their services.

Even better, talk to people at network events and conferences. See how they have done it! Conversations with people will help you find pragmatic and good ideas to start your own business adventure.

The message here is, start your business with a proven idea, something that already exists. Take action now. You can always change direction later to something more inline with who you want to become.

Conclusion: You already have what you need

Look no further than yourself as you have everything you need to succeed on your own.

You don’t need a big idea to break free.

Your first, feasible business idea might not be what you dreamed of or totally aligned with your purpose. However, it will enable you to become independent and create more time and freedom to develop yourself and your business in the desired direction.

Spending time with my mother

I will never regret investing my time in creating my own online business. I now have the location freedom to work wherever I want to be.

I am currently spending some quality time in Macedonia with my mother and simply working from there in the evenings when she gets tired.

This freedom is priceless and I wish the same for you!

Feel free to join this Facebook group to get some more ideas and participate in discussions about starting and running your own online business.

Learn more about the opportunities of creating an online income stream. Achieve financial independence and freedom to live life on your own terms!

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