Investing in quality education

Fulfilling life

I wanted to have a richer and more exciting life and had figured out that for that, the leadership skills are key. I thought, being a leader will bring more interesting people, topics and projects.
I felt I have more to offer than just executing other people’s ideas. I wanted to make more impact, be in the front seat, engage, play, think and add value to other people’s lives.
I wanted to be proud of myself and bring the aliveness back, instead of resigning myself to the grey, mediocre life of an office mouse.

So, I did two things that set me on the desired path:

  1. I challenged myself with a new job in the digital strategy field,
  2. I invested in digital skills and leadership education.

The investment in my education has been paying off totally. I have been lucky that a trusted colleague and dear friend recommended me the SFM online academy.

The Six Figure Mentors

The SFM academy offers a unique mix of leadership, digital marketing, and entrepreneurial skills. Since I enrolled, I have been having the time of my life!!!
It is hard work, especially next to a full-time job and the family, but it has opened so many new doors of possibilities.

I feel reenergized, surrounded by like-minded, ambitious and fun people, progressing in acquiring digital marketing skills. Whether I will use them for my own business or the aviation business I am currently in, the possibilities are endless.
The potential market is just about anyone who has an internet connection.

My self-confidence has had a significant boost. I have learned to take myself, my needs and dreams seriously. I am focussed on the value I can offer to this beautiful world and learning how to inspire people and build deep and meaningful relations.


Although learning new skills and transforming your mindset is never an easy job, I am progressing fast.

This is thanks to the hands-on trainings and the generous support of the active and powerful international community. This community is one of the biggest advantages of the SFM academy. Especially learning from people who have experienced the same journey and seeing how creative, content and successful they have become, is a limitless source of motivation. 

One of the most inspiring visionaries and marketing gurus is my mentor Stuart Ross. Get to know him and see what SFM has to offer in these series of free workshops. Walk around, get informed and decide  if it fits your needs for growth and a more meaningful life.  

I will be here to answer any questions and support you the best I can.

When we invest in ourselves, it multiplies back to us. Good luck, lots of new insights and thrilling times!

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