How to find a fulfilling job at 50

Are you a professional who has lost motivation? Are you unhappy in the corporate world?

You might be doing the same work for years now, without a significant increase in satisfaction or financial reward. What years ago has started as a respected job enabling you to provide for the family, has turned in to an unfulfilling routine, almost feeling like a waste of time. You might be fed up with the bureaucratic inefficiency, the endless meetings, and the daily commute.

You are dreaming of waking up inspired and eager to start the day. You want to change, but you don’t know exactly how. You might be afraid to lose the security your current job is providing. Perhaps you even fear of being too old for a career change. After all, you have reached the age of 50 and have an excuse to take it easy.

Well, let’s be honest. One thing is for sure true. If you do not start acting, nothing will ever change.

So let’s explore together what are the possibilities of creating a more fulfilling job financially, as well as in terms of meaning and lifestyle.

Option one: Climb the ladder

The easiest option might seem to be to stay in the corporate world and climb the ladder. Become a manager to increase your impact and the financial reward. You like developing your leadership skills however, the effect on your lifestyle will be very negative. More meetings, more corporate politics, and commuting. In addition, your company might not be one of the few, that has developed HR support for older employees. So you might be left on your own to invest in time and money to gain the management skills, such as an MBA or similar education, needed to produce the desired change.

Option Two: Find a new job

You can also consider searching for a new job outside of your company. Make a career switch into something more meaningful and interesting, more aligned with your current values and needs.
This is a great idea, but very tough to achieve, because of the bias of age. According to the Harvard Business Review, evaluating and discriminating people based on their age is becoming our major challenge in the workplace. The statistics show that two-thirds of individuals age 45 to 74 have experienced age-related discrimination.

No matter how good your track record is, employers see you as a more expensive, less capable and less flexible than the younger candidates. With each interview you have been declined, your confidence is deteriorating and your fear of being too old for a change is being fueled.

One way to avoid being affected by age discrimination is to become your own boss.

Option Three: Start your own online business

This is maybe the most daring, and also my favorite option because it enables you to live life on your own terms. Yes, if you have never been an entrepreneur, you will have a steep learning curve, yet this will give you the fulfillment and the meaning you were looking for. Becoming an entrepreneur is all about getting to know yourself better, finding your purpose and how you want to impact the others around you.

I am convinced that older people have the advantage when starting their own business, for the extensive network, rich life experience, and wisdom.

Don’t let the fear of old age paralyze you. Do not slow down and develop an inferiority complex at the age of mental maturity, because the truth is that man’s most useful years, mentally and spiritually, are those between 40 and 70.


All three options will require quite some time and money investment. Option one will bring you more impact and a higher salary, option two will give you a job that is more aligned with your values and current interests. Option three will give you all the above, and much more. It will give you independence, self-confidence, and freedom to do the things you are truly passionate about.

I recommend you to read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and grow rich for some wise thoughts on how to get to know and influence yourself better, as well as become a successful entrepreneur.

If option 3 sounds exciting, but you wouldn’t know where to begin, like it was the case with me, I suggest you take a look at the digital marketing possibilities, such as e-commerce or affiliate marketing. SFM school offers practical and affordable education. You can gain digital marketing and leadership skills at your own pace. They also have a vibrant, global community that can support you in this quest and take you by the hand in every step of this exciting journey. Check their free introduction workshops and let me know if this school fits your needs.

With option 3 you are not only getting a new job but a whole new lifestyle, tailored by your own terms and needs.

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