Digital Marketing Work Explained

We all know the consumer side of digital marketing all too well. Advertisements seem to follow us all over the Internet. Most of the time we are clicking the ads away, but some of them will occasionally catch our undivided attention. They will make us feel good and trigger us to share them with friends as the Heineken ad bellow did with me. Or they will give us new ideas, make us laugh or think.

Those ads engage us, which happens when marketing works.

In this article, I share the two main focus areas of the digital marketer.

If you are considering becoming an affiliate marketer or starting your own online business or perhaps selling products on the internet, then you will need to understand how the magic of digital marketing works.

Marketing is there to produce positive change

Marketing is one of the greatest and most rewarding lines of work.

At the core of marketing is producing positive change and helping someone solve their problem.

Digital marketing is marketing done via digital channels, such as email, websites, and the electronic devices you use.

To be successful in marketing, you need to develop a thorough understanding of these two areas:

  1. Who is your audience
  2. How to produce change

The rest is a mixture of discipline, creative expression, and digital technologies to help you reach your audience and induce the desired change.

Who is your audience

Marketing starts with understanding our customers’ worldview and desires so we can connect with them. We need to see what they see.

If you are curious about other people and wonder about what they are struggling with and what makes them tick, then chances are big you will like working in marketing.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

The audience you choose might be, for example, single moms working in the corporate world, teachers who are passionate about van life, or 50+ well-educated people whose’ jobs are not fulfilling.

The more specific the definition of your audience is, the better you will be able to understand what they want, know, and believe in. The more detailed your understanding becomes, the bigger the chances are you can help them become better versions of themselves.

Aspiring online entrepreneurs often start with an audience that resembles them. This is logical because they know their own desires and needs and can communicate about them in an engaging and honest way.

Once you are clear about the audience and their needs, you can invent or choose an existing product that your audience can benefit from and care about.

If you are curious to learn more about digital marketing and the exact steps you need to take to start your own online business check the Mentors education platform.

How to produce change

A big part of a marketer’s job is to inspire and motivate people to change. To do that, he must engage their emotions, and the key to their hearts is the story. 

Through stories, we humans make sense of our lives.

This demands vivid insight and storytelling skills to present the product information packed with enough emotional power to be memorable and engaging. If you can harness imagination and the principles of a well-told story, then you will connect and lead your customers to the desired change.

Persistent, consistent, and frequent stories delivered to the right audience, will earn attention, trust, and action.

The marketing stories need to speak to the desires of your audience. Instead of explaining the features of the product, you are better off focusing on the benefits the customer will enjoy.

How Theodore Levitt Defined Marketing 60 Years Ago And Predicted The Energy  Market Of Today At The Same Time

We are not that interested in features as we are in emotions the product evokes and the effect it will have on us. “We sell feelings, status, and connection, not tasks and stuff.”

To make effective stories that move people, marketers understand how humans make decisions. Seth Godin, one of the most renowned teachers and marketing leaders of our time, in his book “This is marketing“, explains the decision process with real-life examples.

Contrary to what we want to believe about ourselves, we mostly make decisions based on irrational fears and urges, ignoring information that runs counter to our beliefs, most of the time trading long-term for short-term benefits. Our decisions are influenced by the culture with which we identify.

Honest stories resonate and get spread. They entertain, educate, inform, connect people, and transform.

“When our stories spread, we are changing the culture. We build something that people would miss if it were gone, something that gives them meaning, connection, and possibility”.

To summarize, marketers are seeking to produce positive change. They are masters of storytelling. They build trust and authority about the products and their benefits by showing up regularly and consistently in front of the right audience. They write articles, organize events, lectures, they engage with the audience in an honest and respectful way to ignite the change their customers desire to make.


I am very passionate about marketing and have written about it in a slightly poetic and abstract way. However, I can summarize it in two questions that guide all the work of the digital marketer:

  1. Who is it for and what is that they need? (Understand your audience)
  2. How to produce change? (Build a trustful relationship, Storytelling)

Stay tuned for more marketing secrets. If you have any questions, you know where to find me!

Why Did I Become an Affiliate Marketer

For some time I was fed up having an unfulfilling and underpaid job. Deep down I knew I could do much better and I was informing myself what are the possibilities.

From all the options I considered, becoming an affiliate marketer was standing out because of these 3 crucial characteristics:

Characteristic 1: Simple Business Model

The affiliate marketing business model is perfect for first-time business owners because of its simplicity. You are only concerned about marketing products and services of other people.


All other parts of the chain, such as product development, fulfillment, payment, and customer care are being taken care of by someone else, for example, Amazon.

After 30 years of being an employer in the corporate world, I was going to make a move to entrepreneurship. This on its own requires a big mindset shift, so starting with a lean business model was essential.

Amazon is the largest online retailer. Around 50% of all sales on Amazon come from affiliates.

In addition, while many businesses are struggling at the moment, Affiliate Marketing is thriving. The industry is worth an estimated $12 billion right now and is set to grow by at least a further 10% over the next few years.

Characteristic 2: Location Independent Income

All I need to run my affiliate online business is a laptop and a good internet connection. Location independent income means a lot to me, it means freedom!!

I will be able to work from home or wherever I need and want to be at a given moment. This will allow me to combine work with travel, but also visit my parents more often and help them with the difficult moments they might encounter as they grow old.

Family instead of face time in Macedonia

I will have more autonomy in organizing my time, so I will be spending more quality time with my children, family, and friends.

The location freedom is priceless and a big motivator getting me through the initial steep learning curve.

Characteristic 3: Personal Growth

As an affiliate marketer, I am promoting products and services that I love and value. To determine what is that you want and can bring to the market, you need to go through a wonderful self-discovery journey.

You need to become clear about what your top values are and what makes your life and professional experience unique. I have written some more about it here.

You also need to figure out what is your ideal day and create a vision with an action plan to come there.

This personal growth journey will help you determine what is your unique contribution to the world, which brings value to others for which they are willing to pay.

In addition, starting your own online business means, you are the boss now. To act like a boss, I needed to learn to take risks, to deal with big money, to be resourceful when things don’t turn as planned. This is exactly what makes me fulfilled, what brings me more excitement and joy in life!

It is not always easy, but you grow together with your business! The path into entrepreneurship is a path of learning to deal with fear and at the same time having a solid and clear vision that feeds your faith to make the small, persistent steps every day.

How do you choose products to promote

As an affiliate marketer, I promote other people’s products and services, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to my marketing. I need to study the products and services that I feel have value.

To determine the products I could promote, I looked into how I spend my free time, which activities I enjoy doing and what are the objects in my home that I love to be surrounded with. I also started noticing which topics I love to discuss with my friends and this is how I concluded to start promoting digital educational products and books.

Awakening the feminine sexuality retreat: Tantra teachings

The world of tantra yoga and teachings was also a good affiliate niche candidate, but I decided to start small and park it for now.

By the way, this is another convenient thing about this business. You can start with one product and grow your product palette once you have honed your marketing skills or when your personal interests and hobbies change.

What are the skills of the affiliate marketer

My part of the game as an affiliate is to learn everything about the product I promote and find customers for it. I need to know how people can benefit from using the product and educate customers to understand those benefits.

Another part of my job is to know where to find those customers who match with my product. Are they on Youtube and when? Are they using specific digital forums or frequenting specific websites or facebook groups?

For example, I have a whole website around the topic of meaningful work, also called in the marketing jargon, an authority website. I might promote this book by Tim Ferriss by writing a blog on my website and explaining how this book gave me the idea of affiliate marketing as an alternative or addition to the 9 to 5 corporate job.

If you trust me and you find the information valuable, you can then click on the link and buy the book. In this case, Amazon will pay me a commission.

This is called content marketing. There are many other digital ways I can use to get to the potential customers and market my products. I can use social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, or I can create ads to be shown when people search on Google for things related to my products.

The digital ways to reach potential customers are plenty, but once you hone your marketing and communication skills, you can apply them everywhere. So here are the basic skills:

  1. Building and maintaining an authority website – this is a combination of digital skills and building confidence that your voice matters, that you do have something of value to say.
  2. Creating inspiring and valuable content, copywriting, story-telling, topic research. These skills can be compared to journalism in combination with personal growth and self-discovery.
  3. Digital marketing – finding out where potential customers are (market research) and building a valuable and trustful relationship with them (communication and human behavior studies).

Where to start?

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to start your own online business, then I strongly recommend you to check the Mentors education platform.

There are lots of training institutions out there, but this one I know from the inside and I can tell you that the quality of their education, tools, training, and support is exceptional.

I love being part of this vibrant international community and to have access to all the entrepreneurial and marketing knowledge for the same money per month I pay for my sports club.

Contact me if you have questions or directly create a free account to experience it with your own eyes.
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All in all affiliate marketing is a good way to get started as an entrepreneur in the online world. Are you considering it?

Let me know in the comments.

Why We Need Business Mentors

Where would we be without mentors in our lives?

From the day we are born we rely on mentors. Our parents and siblings are our first mentors. They teach us how to walk and eat and what are the norms and the values of our family and culture.

Then one day, we become adults and we expect do be able to do everything on our own. Although I strongly believe each of us has everything needed to succeed, asking, and receiving guidance and help can accelerate the process significantly.

Mentors empower us! They accelerate our success and help us reach our goals!

Here is the remarkable story of Maria Konnikova, a Russian-American writer and psychologist, who seemingly out of nowhere, has dared to approach the poker legend Erik Seidel for mentorship. Thanks to this smart move, within a year she won a major title, made multiple final tables, and amassed close to $300,000 in live tournament winnings

Find a Mentor To Get On The Fast Track

In the face of sudden, frightening disease, Maria starts researching the nature of luck and stumbles upon poker. A game that would never have caught her interest quickly becomes her dedicated pursuit.

In just two years, starting from scratch, she beats the luck and makes income she could never dream of during the academic writer’s career.

Besides knowing what she wanted to learn, Maria also set a goal to learn it fast. She then knew that the best way to accelerate the learning is to get mentored by someone who is already a successful player.

Although totally new in the field of poker, she made a thorough research, just like she would do for the books and the articles she was writing. This is how she determined that Erik Seidel, one of the legends in the poker world, will be her mentor.
Despite the fact that Erik has never had students before, with her academic approach and eagerness to learn, Maria managed to get his attention and commitment.

Personal Growth and Winning Mindset

Maria learned the rules and strategies of the poker game. She got so skilled that she created am additional income stream, an additional business next to her academic career. But more importantly, mentoring catalyzed her personal growth in ways that can serve her entire life.

She learned:

  • to trust and challenge her thinking and make decisions with confidence, knowing that she can never be completely certain or have all the information needed at hand.
  • emotional resilience, going for the long term success and not being taken away by a single unfortunate outcome by focussing on perfecting the process and not on the luck.
  • how to embrace uncertainty rather than fear it, reframing the lack of control into a source of power.

“Anyone can get lucky – or unlucky – at a single hand, a single game, a single tournament. One turn and you’re on top of the world – another, you are cast out, no matter your skill, training, preparation, aptitude. In the end, though, luck is a short-term friend or foe. Skill shines through over the longer time horizon.” – Maria Konnikova

These are the exact mental skills and winning mindset we need to become successful in life and business.

Meet my mentors

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Like Maria, I am am very grateful for the mentors in my life. I would have never thought I am capable of running my own business. Or having the self-confidence to share my views and teachings via blogs and webinars. But then, with the support of talented and experienced mentors, their encouragement and constructive criticism, I excelled at my expectations and created even bigger dreams.

Realizing big and complex goals, like a career change or a business venture alone is close to impossible.

If you are looking to excel and develop your digital marketing, leadership, or entrepreneurship skills, then I am very excited to help you with the choice of trainers and mentors.

Contact me or create a free account with my mentoring community and see if this business world is right for you. 
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Just how much of your life will you take credit for, and how much will you leave to simple dumb luck?

Well, you can certainly take credit for finding the right mentor and make sure you achieve that what matters to you the most!

Make Money Doing What You Love

The long and sultry summer holidays are ideal for contemplating life. Away from my regular job and the habitual routine, on a magnificent island in the South of France, I took time to go through the 3 steps that will bring me closer to making money by doing what I love. Let me share them with you:

  1. Find out what is most important to you
  2. Design products and services to offer
  3. Take action
Ile de Porcquerolles

1. Find out what is most important to you

Some people know already from their childhood what is important to them and what makes them happy and fulfilled. My brother was like that. He was interested in security since he was born, ordering a safe in his room at the age of 10, nowadays running a successful cybersecurity business. I, on the other hand also knew that I wanted to do something amazing and magnificent :-), but had to do some more self-exploration and study of my habits to discover what I love doing.

If you are anything like me, start paying attention to these things to figure out what is important to you:

  • Look around your house or office and see what objects you like to see and surround yourself with.
  • Pay attention to what you are doing with your time, especially your free time.
  • What do you talk to other people about?
  • Which activities give you energy and a feeling of flow?

What is important to us is determined by our highest values. Our highest values define our decisions, actions, thoughts, and interests. We spend the most time, money, and energy on our highest values. When we do not live according to them, we feel uninspired, disempowered, and lacking purpose. When we consciously respect our highest values we flourish, awaken our unique talents, and feel expanded and fulfilled.

For example, I noticed that I always have several books I am reading in parallel next to my bed. Whenever I have free time, I am always following a course to learn a new skill or language. I love asking my friends and colleagues about the books they have found inspiring.
So, I figured out that one of my top values is to grow, learn, and expand my mind.

Go ahead, take a pen and paper, or some digital equivalent, and jot your top values. Now that you know what truly is important to you right now, you are ready to go to step 2.

2. Design products and services to offer

Most probably you already provide some services to your friends and family with the things you love doing. I am the girl people come to when they need a book recommendation or a partner for hiking. How about you? Are you fixing the computer of your mother or providing your friends with advice on the latest toys for boys?

When we serve friends and family we call that caring. When we serve to the rest of the world, we call that selling” – Dr. John Demartini

To earn money with what inspires you, you need to define what you love doing in terms of exchangeable value. You need to define it as products and services that are of value to other people. Be creative and bold like an entrepreneur and use your imagination. You can follow these steps described in the excellent, practical guide “Inspired Destiny”.

  • Think of your top 3 highest values you have determined in step 1;
  • Recall the services you have already provided for people around you, for example, “I have helped my neighbor organize his house” or “I have created an audiobook by recording my reading for my father who is blind”;
  • Write down a list of your skills and assets that would be valuable to provide for others as a service and circle those which are most inspiring to you;
  • Identify individuals and groups who can benefit from your service and who would love to pay in return. Start with the people from your immediate environment and what they may need, but do not stop there. Think as big as you can.

For example, in my case of loving to expand my knowledge and read a lot, I could start blogging book reviews. Once I have built a significant audience on social media, I could start earning commissions by recommending certain books as an affiliate marketer. See the book above 😉
Furthermore, I could design a subscription service of matching people’s interests with the books they would love to read. Then I could focus on certain topics and as I have grown my knowledge by reading I could start speaking publicly on those topics, etc.
You get my point, right?

What inspires you?

Now it is your turn.
Once you have clarified how you can provide value to the other people you are ready to go to step 3.

3. Take action

The third step is to start the change of what you currently do to earning money with what you love to do. This is a process much like a career change and is very well described by Herminia Ibarra, a professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School.

Change only happens when you take action. Take action every day! Small but consistent action every day can bring you to amazing places in a year or two.

Perhaps you can start a small project on aside and test the service or product designed in Step 2. Establish a relationship with potential customers. Find mentors for the knowledge and skills you need to gain. Associate with individuals who share your highest values to build a support and accountability network.
Refine your service design based on the customer’s feedback.

And most of all, enjoy working on the things that inspire you. The natural energy, creativity, and motivation that comes from doing the things you love are your biggest selling point and will eventually get your own business running successfully.


It is very important to find out what inspires you and what is that you want to dedicate your life to.

“The meaning of life is to give life a meaning”Ken Hudgins

This is a continuous 3 step process of consciously paying attention to your highest values, developing entrepreneurial skills to invent services that others find worth paying for, and taking constant action every day.

Making money by doing what you love is living a fulfilled life and making the biggest and unique contribution to our wonderful, colorful world.

Too old to start a business?

If you are over 50 and your job is at stake due to the COVID-19 pandemic then you are most probably very worried about the future. The prospect of having to search for a new job might feel paralyzing, knowing that this will be a very challenging task in the current state of the economy. Not to talk about age discrimination which is, unfortunately, an undeniable fact.

As hopeless and discouraging as this situation might look at first, it can also be a huge kick in the butt to finally set up your own business and start doing the things you always wanted to do.

Middle age is the Ideal age to start your own business

Here is why I think that your age is your biggest advantage in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Silver startups are more successful

Did you know that the chances of startups run by older entrepreneurs are twice more likely to survive?
Or that the highest rate of entrepreneurship worldwide has shifted to the 55–64 age group? (Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)

This does not strike me as a surprise.

Take a moment to think of all the valuable and diverse experiences and wisdom you have accumulated so far. Think of the extensive network you have garnered over the length of your career. These are the advantages that can set you up perfectly for starting a business.

Our desire to grow and explore does not decrease with age, neither do our productivity and mental capacity. We have all the resources we need to succeed.

Midlife brings you to your purpose

Midlife is the period when we naturally question the choices we’ve made, realize our limitations, and truly come to know who we are. At this age, we are closer to knowing what our purpose in life is and thus, creating a life that has more meaning. By now, you are probably asking yourself, how this relates to starting a business?
Knowing your purpose gives you the framework for defining the right products and services that will make your own business unique, competitive, and valuable.

If finding your purpose sounds like an impossible or vague task, I suggest you get some inspiration from the memoir of Viktor Frankl. He argues that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose.

Easier to get initial investment

Members of the 50+ club have bigger chances of being able to self-fund their business. This is due to accumulated savings or inherited wealth. For this age group, it is also easier to access their retirement funds, thanks to new, more flexible regulations.

Even if this is not your case, in today’s digital economy, you can start an online business with no initial financial investment. Check out, for example, the lucrative affiliate marketing opportunity, where you can choose to promote products and services that reflect your values and interests from the comfort of your home and get paid for performing a valuable business service.

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My intention was to outline some of the advantages of starting a business at an older age. Entrepreneurship is not only a source of income. It is also a very powerful gateway to personal growth, achieving social recognition, and a deep sense of meaning.

I hope your view of the future is a bit brighter and broader now.
In the highly unlikely case that you still think you are too old for embarking on an entrepreneurship adventure, please spend a few moments here for a reality check.

3 Changing Beliefs Since I Started An Online Business

Now that I am on this exciting journey of building my own online business, I am noticing that some of my hardened beliefs are starting to change. There are plenty of practical things to organize and new skills to learn in this phase.

From configuring my digital assets to mastering new marketing and communication tools. They all contribute to my progress however, I feel that the shift in my beliefs is the biggest accelerator towards the much-desired financial freedom and more meaningful life.

Selling is bed
Photo by Xiaolong Wong on Unsplash

So here are the 3 changing beliefs:

  1. Selling is bad
  2. Keep work and personal life separate
  3. Entrepreneurship is risky

Selling Is Bad

I am raised in a culture where modesty was one of the highest virtues one could have and selling was the exact opposite. Selling was seen as a dubious job of pushing people to buy something totally useless by applying manipulative tricks and lies.
I was convinced that I am not a good salesperson and that I should not even think of becoming one.

In the process of setting up my own business, I started thinking about my purpose and the value I am adding to the world. Pretty soon, I figured out, that the only reason my business will thrive is if I am adding value to my customers. If my products and services, genuinely help, inspire positive change, inform, educate, or solve people’s problems, then I should be proud of what I am selling, right?

I realized that selling is much more about listening to the customers and understanding the situation they are in and with that knowledge, focusing on the value you can create for them.

Selling is thus a good thing to do when you motivate people to challenge the status quo, take action, and achieve what they desire. As this business school professor told The Harvard Business Review, selling is not about putting undue pressure on and talking incessantly. Rather, selling is persuading, inspiring, and leading to drive change.

I am glad I am honing my sales skills as we speak because they are actually very useful in all kinds of situations, not only in business.

Every leader needs to be good at sales. Whether you want to move your neighbors to invest in a certain good cause or guide your children to develop healthy habits, the sales skills come in handy. They will help you create strong relations with these people, grab their attention, and inspire them to make the desired change.

Keep Work and Personal Life Separate

The second thing I believed is that my work and private lives should be kept separate. I believed that I should strive to integrate well in my work environment by adopting the well-established norms while leaving all my unique traits, dreams, and exciting ideas at home.

You could easily observe this strong division in my wardrobe. The ironed, stiff and boring gray and blue clothes hanging on the one side, and the colorful, comfortable ones expressing my unique personality on the other side.

Me having a video conference with my colleagues while enjoying some fresh air at home

Working on my own business has helped me merge these two worlds and get the best out of them. Working for many years in corporate and consulting jobs has taught me how to blend in my customers’ culture, listen actively, and understand their pains and desires.
On the other hand, my own business is teaching me to cherish the unique experience I have and trust that it is the best source for creative and innovative ideas. I am not talking just about the things mentioned in my corporate cv, but especially about all the turns and the choices, places, events, and insights that influenced me becoming the person, I am today.

Becoming your own boss is the best way to accelerate personal growth.

I believe now that the better you get to know yourself and the more your share your perspective, the more connected you will become with likeminded people, and the sooner you will discover what is the unique value you can provide to the others. And if the others are happy with it, they will be more then willing to reward you.

Entrepreneurship is risky

The risk was my major reason to avoid considering entrepreneurship until I realized that the security I have by working for one company is fake. This is unfortunately confirmed today as we watch millions of people who have been impacted by the current COVID-19 crises.

Someone who works for a company has one source of income, their employer. An entrepreneur can create many different sources. If the employee gets laid off, they are out of a paycheck, but if an entrepreneur loses a customer, they have many more to fall back on.

Photo by My Life Journal on Unsplash

Once I understood these dynamics and realized that no one owes me anything, not my company nor my government, it became crystal clear that I should take full responsibility for my financial future.
This is what motivates me to invest in myself and my business, to figure out what is my unique contribution to this world, to imagine the ways to achieving it, to find the methods that increase my productivity, to persist, to be the creator of my life!

When managed properly, being an entrepreneur can actually be one of the safest and most fulfilling careers possible.


I am thankful to have discovered that entrepreneurship is the constant fire that energizes and challenges me to be a better version of myself every single day. Since I have started on this amazing leadership and personal growth journey, I have challenged many of my limiting beliefs and created new possibilities for me and the people around me.

If entrepreneurship and setting up your online business sounds interesting to you, check this excellent training below.

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Can I become financially independent?

Can I really become rich? Can I achieve financial independence?
I am not born in a rich country, nor in a rich family. I work for a salary and am already halfway through life. According to the businessman and committed financial educator Robert Kiyosaki, I am a bit late with starting to think about this subject.
However, he also says, it is better to start now than never which is why I dived into his #1 New York Times bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and here is the wisdom I found.

He basically says that the two most important things you need in order to get rich are financial education and a mindset change. With these two in your pocket, you can develop a plan to thrive and avoid being a victim of these difficult COVID-19 times.

Financial Education

This is something we generally do not learn at school. These are subjects like Accounting, Marketing and Sales, Law, and Investing. Even if you happen to have specialized in one of these subjects, you most probably do not use this knowledge to become financially independent. Instead, you are filling the pockets of your boss or the government.

Learn Financial, Digital Marketing and Sales skills as soon as possible

The children of the rich people take in the knowledge of these subjects with the mother’s milk. They learn to make the money work for them on the dinner table. This doesn’t mean, that for them, it is not hard work to become or maintain their wealth, but they do have a huge start advantage with experienced mentors guiding them.

I am not so worried about learning new skills. If you are anything like me, having a career in the fast-paced corporate world, you are used to updating your skills on a regular basis. We also have a natural need and curiosity to grow our knowledge, so spending time learning new skills feels satisfying for most of us.
So, why not follow the advice of the rich dad of mister Kiyosaki and pick up on Investing to learn how to create assets that will bring us passive money?
Why not follow Digital Marketing training, or Sales and Online Business to learn how to inspire people. To understand how to add value in their lives, for which they will be grateful and willing to reward you.

Mindset change

This one is the tougher of the two things you need most to get rich, according to the book, and I fully agree with Kiyosaki, as I have tried it. Changing your mindset takes time and lots of discipline. It requires identifying your fears and learning how to embrace them without being distracted from your goal. In other words, learning to take controlled risks and building your courage and self-esteem.
You will need to get to know yourself much, much better. Discover your purpose, your strengths, passions, and beliefs. Change those ones who are not serving you anymore.

Financial independence requires a mindset change from employee to entrepreneur
M.C. Escher “Hand with Reflecting Sphere

You will need to start loving yourself including the things you do not like at the moment.

As you can imagine, these are not easy tasks. However, they are very fulfilling and will add enormous value to your life. Instead of being a vulnerable employee, you will be an entrepreneur who takes the lead, imagines, and creates the future he loves. You will become wealthy, an achiever, and will be able to impact the world in a profound and meaningful way.

The mindset changing is a journey of personal growth. If you want to progress quickly, the support of likeminded people and mentors, who are steps ahead of you, is crucial. Getting the right skills, that you can do on your own. There are plenty of books and online courses.
But you can not do the mindset shift alone, or at least not quick enough to live a substantial part of your life in abundance.

Having the support network, on the bad days, on the days you are doubting and feeling miserable is of uttermost value. Having people who will hold the space for you, who will listen deeply and guide you in every step of this incredible journey is the key to keeping persistence and not giving up halfway through.
You might be lucky and find this sort of support in your current circle of friends, yet the chances are high that their mindset is exactly the one you want to change. You know that you are a product of your environment, right?

The SFM platform has both

This is why I want to introduce you to the SFM mentoring and training platform I am part of.

Check the ALL-IN-PACKAGE of the SFM mentoring and training platform

Their biggest value is not the sophisticated tools and world-class training programs, events, and webinars, but the personal guidance and support they give to help you break through the ceilings in your life and business.
It is the people, the community, the unique culture of helping each other to grow and become the best version of yourself. Check what they offer by registering for this Free Webinar and let me know if I can be of any help to you in your personal journey to becoming rich and living life on your own terms.

Financial well-being

Do you dream of retiring earlier and being free to follow your adventurous plans?
Or has the global wreak destruction of the coronavirus already knocked on your door and made you worried about your financial future?
Or perhaps, you are just like me, living from day to day, thinking that everything is okay as long as you have a regular job and your monthly costs are covered.
Until one day, when suddenly something happens, that makes you see how shallow your wallet is and how vulnerable you actually are.

Wake up call

Me and my mother

In my case, it was when my mother got weak, broke her hip and could not take care of herself anymore. She suddenly needed special treatments and 24-hour service, which she could not afford.
You can imagine how much I would have loved to be able to help her. To be able to lift the difficulties she was going through by taking at least her financial worries away. But I couldn’t, and that hit me really hard. It made me feel useless and miserable.

I have been having a respectful corporate job for almost 30 years and yet, my salary was not sufficient enough to accumulate the financial means to help my parents. This situation felt unbearable and unjust, and yet I am thankful it happened sooner than later, to wake me up.

Do something about it

The situation with my mother pushed me to think further. I realized that it will not take long before my health care bills become significantly higher too.
This, combined with the global pension crises recently described in the Financial Times, meant that my financial stress will only increase and I could not keep shutting my eyes anymore.

And when you start looking around, the solutions will come your way. I was lucky to get the recommendation from a trusted and dear friend about the SFM online academy. This academy has a unique curriculum which is a combination of entrepreneurial and digital marketing skills. Thanks to the divers, vivid community I am on the fast track of learning to leverage the power of the digital economy and generate extra passive income to secure my future.

I never thought I will become an entrepreneur, but when you build a business centered around your interests and passions, it works like a magnet. The personal growth I have experienced ever since and the confidence I have gained in being able to cope with any financial drawback are some of the benefits of this investment in myself.

It all started with these series of free workshops which I am delighted to share with you. Meet Stuart Ross, one of the most inspiring visionaries and marketing gurus I have the honor to learn from. Walk around, get informed and decide if now is the right time to invest in your financial well-being.

I will be here to answer any questions and support you the best I can.

When we invest in ourselves, it multiplies back to us. Good luck and stay safe!

How to find a fulfilling job at 50

Are you a professional who has lost motivation? Are you unhappy in the corporate world?

You might be doing the same work for years now, without a significant increase in satisfaction or financial reward. What years ago has started as a respected job enabling you to provide for the family, has turned in to an unfulfilling routine, almost feeling like a waste of time. You might be fed up with the bureaucratic inefficiency, the endless meetings, and the daily commute.

You are dreaming of waking up inspired and eager to start the day. You want to change, but you don’t know exactly how. You might be afraid to lose the security your current job is providing. Perhaps you even fear of being too old for a career change. After all, you have reached the age of 50 and have an excuse to take it easy.

Well, let’s be honest. One thing is for sure true. If you do not start acting, nothing will ever change.

So let’s explore together what are the possibilities of creating a more fulfilling job financially, as well as in terms of meaning and lifestyle.

Option one: Climb the ladder

The easiest option might seem to be to stay in the corporate world and climb the ladder. Become a manager to increase your impact and the financial reward. You like developing your leadership skills however, the effect on your lifestyle will be very negative. More meetings, more corporate politics, and commuting. In addition, your company might not be one of the few, that has developed HR support for older employees. So you might be left on your own to invest in time and money to gain the management skills, such as an MBA or similar education, needed to produce the desired change.

Option Two: Find a new job

You can also consider searching for a new job outside of your company. Make a career switch into something more meaningful and interesting, more aligned with your current values and needs.
This is a great idea, but very tough to achieve, because of the bias of age. According to the Harvard Business Review, evaluating and discriminating people based on their age is becoming our major challenge in the workplace. The statistics show that two-thirds of individuals age 45 to 74 have experienced age-related discrimination.

No matter how good your track record is, employers see you as a more expensive, less capable and less flexible than the younger candidates. With each interview you have been declined, your confidence is deteriorating and your fear of being too old for a change is being fueled.

One way to avoid being affected by age discrimination is to become your own boss.

Option Three: Start your own online business

This is maybe the most daring, and also my favorite option because it enables you to live life on your own terms. Yes, if you have never been an entrepreneur, you will have a steep learning curve, yet this will give you the fulfillment and the meaning you were looking for. Becoming an entrepreneur is all about getting to know yourself better, finding your purpose and how you want to impact the others around you.

I am convinced that older people have the advantage when starting their own business, for the extensive network, rich life experience, and wisdom.

Don’t let the fear of old age paralyze you. Do not slow down and develop an inferiority complex at the age of mental maturity, because the truth is that man’s most useful years, mentally and spiritually, are those between 40 and 70.


All three options will require quite some time and money investment. Option one will bring you more impact and a higher salary, option two will give you a job that is more aligned with your values and current interests. Option three will give you all the above, and much more. It will give you independence, self-confidence, and freedom to do the things you are truly passionate about.

I recommend you to read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and grow rich for some wise thoughts on how to get to know and influence yourself better, as well as become a successful entrepreneur.

If option 3 sounds exciting, but you wouldn’t know where to begin, like it was the case with me, I suggest you take a look at the digital marketing possibilities, such as e-commerce or affiliate marketing. SFM school offers practical and affordable education. You can gain digital marketing and leadership skills at your own pace. They also have a vibrant, global community that can support you in this quest and take you by the hand in every step of this exciting journey. Check their free introduction workshops and let me know if this school fits your needs.

With option 3 you are not only getting a new job but a whole new lifestyle, tailored by your own terms and needs.