Shape Your Future by Investing in Digital Skills Now

This is a story of an aircraft component engineer Ahmed, who suffered from an illness that unfortunately disabled him to do his job. While in the hospital, he was rethinking his life and considering his options for earning income in the future. He needed an income opportunity that fits these criteria: All these criteria can… Continue reading Shape Your Future by Investing in Digital Skills Now

We All Need To Be Seen

Are you an artist and you know that your work can touch hearts and yet you feel uncomfortable promoting it? Or perhaps you are a corporate professional doing a respectful job, yet deep in your heart, you feel stuck and unfulfilled. Already for years, longing for more impact, for something that touches you personally… These… Continue reading We All Need To Be Seen

Success Story: From Unfulfilled Employee to Successful Online Entrepreneur

Don’t be sad now that the holidays are coming to an end. Check this inspiring success story and soon you will be writing one of your own. Stuck in an Unfulfilling Job Lena was a woman in her late 40ies. She has made her career as a technology professional, progressing from a software engineer to… Continue reading Success Story: From Unfulfilled Employee to Successful Online Entrepreneur

Smart People Plan Their Lives

Are you ready to work less, make more money, and have less stress, than learning to plan is the right thing for you! Are you a high-achiever, working on your big dream, trying hard to change your life, yet in constant struggle with time and consistency? Planning can help you tremendously. Why Smart People Plan… Continue reading Smart People Plan Their Lives

Boost Your Entrepreneurial Skills

I had the pleasure to interview a great theater-maker, artistic director of Nicole Beutler Projects, and a dear friend of mine Nicole Beutler. With her rich and successful career in the competitive cultural sector, she has become a role model for many female entrepreneurs. We have discussed: Entrepreneurial mindset, Finding your calling, The creative process,… Continue reading Boost Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Too old to start a business?

The digital economy is booming and you can easily plugin to it and increase your self-reliance and financial independence.

Start doing the things you always wanted to do.
Design your own perfect job description and employ yourself in your own, future-proof, digital business.

But first, let me explain why your age is your biggest advantage in transitioning from an employee to a successful entrepreneur.