Smart People Plan Their Lives

Are you ready to work less, make more money, and have less stress, than learning to plan is the right thing for you! Are you a high-achiever, working on your big dream, trying hard to change your life, yet in constant struggle with time and consistency? Planning can help you tremendously. Why Smart People Plan… Continue reading Smart People Plan Their Lives

Clever Ways To Increase Retirement Income

Here is the big misconception… My generation, 40-50year-olds, believe that the pension income will be enough for us to maintain our lifestyle in retirement. The truth is quite the opposite. We Are In Retirement Crisis A recent research conducted by the International Longevity Centre UK concluded that: One in three people is at risk of… Continue reading Clever Ways To Increase Retirement Income

Who needs you? Customer Avatar

Are you considering starting something on your own but you are not really sure what exactly your product or service should be? Are you curious about affiliate marketing and are wondering how to choose the right products to endorse and promote? Describing the type of customers you want to attract and be around is usually… Continue reading Who needs you? Customer Avatar

Mind Management

I would love to share with you a quick tip about how to put yourself in a good mood INSTANTLY. Do this quick mental exercise with me: Start thinking of something nice that will happen in the future. Something which, if it happens, it will make you really, really happy. Stay with those thoughts for… Continue reading Mind Management

Why You Want Financial Freedom?

Sometimes we complicate the simple. Why do we want financial freedom? Yes, to create, yes, to travel, yes to spend more time with our friends and families… yes! But when we apply the 5 WHYs, and start questioning at least 5 times the “why” we will probably get to a similar answer: Freedom to simply… Continue reading Why You Want Financial Freedom?

Boost Your Entrepreneurial Skills

I had the pleasure to interview a great theater-maker, artistic director of Nicole Beutler Projects, and a dear friend of mine Nicole Beutler. With her rich and successful career in the competitive cultural sector, she has become a role model for many female entrepreneurs. We have discussed: Entrepreneurial mindset, Finding your calling, The creative process,… Continue reading Boost Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Employee to Entrepreneur: Business Ideas

You want to be self-employed but, how do you choose what your business will be about? Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur is a proven way to create more flexibility and freedom in your life. You can manage your working hours independently and you can choose to focus on what you love doing. Last… Continue reading Employee to Entrepreneur: Business Ideas