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My Story

midlife crisis and opportunity

My name is Albena. I am the owner of this space called Inspiration4life, dedicated to empowering people to make the most of the second half of life. 

The free video series make up the first training module of the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) education and mentoring platform, I am part of.

I joined SFM to get ideas and the skills to improve my life. At that point, after many years in the same corporate job, I felt unfulfilled, not motivated and underpaid.


Today, I am proud of the future-proof digital and entrepreneurial skills SFM taught me. I am generating additional income stream and increasing my financial independence every day. This makes me feel safe and confident. I have created more possibilities for me and the people I love the most and will continue to shape my life the way I love it. 

Perhaps even more valuable than the financial security, is the tremendous personal growth I have experienced since I have joined SFM. From being an invisible empoyee with fear of aging, I have grown to be an entrepreneur, a leader, building my online business around the things that I am really passionate about. 

In these difficult and uncertain times, we are all facing due to the Coronavirus, I am reassured that I have invested my time wisely. 

Having alternative ways to secure my income from home, gives me a feeling of calmness and safety.

There is no better reward than being able to live life on your own terms and helping others achieve the same.I hope to welcome you IN the SFM community soon.MORE INSPIRATION ...

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